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digiCOACH is a coaching system designed for instructional leaders and administrators as an easy and efficient tool for conducting classroom walkthroughs.

Key Features

Our exclusive features make digiCOACH the best classroom observation tool available!

Conduct Walkthroughs

Effortlessly collect data during your classroom visits. digiCOACH guides you through 5 key focus areas. Every digiCOACH look-for is objective, observable, and coachable.

Coach Teachers

digiCOACH is the only walkthrough tool to include hundreds of prewritten, research based, commendations and coaching tips available for use in our built-in teacher feedback email feature.

Guide Professional Development

Use digiCOACH's powerful suite of reports to identify trends across your site or district. Our comparison reports allow you to easily identify grade level or department leaders.

Easy to Customize

Bring your own look-fors to our team of coaching experts and we will build a custom digiCOACH edition for your site or district.


digiCOACH qualifies for multiple state and federal funding sources including SB-77, Title I, English Learners, Professional Development, and LCAP.

Outstanding Customer Support

Our customer support sets us apart and is unmatched. Take a look at what digiCOACH users are saying about our team.

How digiCOACH Works

Spend five to ten minutes observing a lesson and recording the strategies that you observe. Next, share positive feedback with your teacher and share a coaching tip for the lesson. Finally, head back to your office to dive into the reports. digiCOACH informs professional development decisions and tracks the effectiveness of training and Professional Development.

  • Informal Walkthroughs

    Administrators across the country are using digiCOACH to collect data on informal classroom visits.

  • Instructional Coaching

    Instructional coaches armed with digiCOACH have the tools they need to positively modify adult behaviors.

  • Peer Observations

    Peers using digiCOACH can lead to impressive gains in the classroom as reflected in recent research studies.

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Use any edition separately or implement our Classroom Instruction and Common Core editions to effectively coach instruction and monitor CCSS implementation.

  • Classroom Instruction Edition

    Our debut edition reflects the latest educational research to ensure you are coaching and looking for the best instructional practices. Learn More

  • Common Core Edition

    Ensure successful CCSS implementation and build a foundation of Look-fors while coaching teachers on Common Core strategies. Learn More

  • Tennessee State Edition

    Aligned with the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model rubric and supports formal and informal observations.

  • Custom Edition

    We know one size doesn't fit all, so let us build a custom edition that aligns with your site's goals. Get Started

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School Subscriptions

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District Subscriptions

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Optional Add-ons

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Newest Features

The best classroom observation tool just got better! Introducing digiCOACH 4!

Features New in digiCOACH 4

Peer Observations
Feedback Enhancements
Frequency Detail Redesign
New Coaching Report
Multi-Grade Support
New Subjects

Features New in digiCOACH 3

Likert Scaled Look-fors
Skip Individual Look-fors
New Look-for Analysis Report


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