digiCOACH Trainings and Implementation Guide

Navigating this Course
This self-guided training course is broken up into multiple segments which provide an overview of the digiCOACH platform. Watching each of the videos in the Walkthrough Training Videos segment will prepare you to take digiCOACH into classrooms as you conduct informal classroom walkthroughs.

Prepare for a successful implementation of digiCOACH by completing the Walkthrough Training Videos segment first, and then come back to complete the Report Training Videos after you have collected some data. This ensures you have personalized data to explore while watching the Report Training Videos.

Support Files

Click below to download files to support the implementation of digiCOACH at your campus.

Download the digiCOACH App

The mobile digiCOACH app is required to complete walkthroughs. The app is available exclusively on Apple and Android phones and tablets. Click the appropriate link below to download the free digiCOACH app to your device or contact your district's IT Help Desk for additional support with installing the digiCOACH app on your district managed devices.

Walkthrough Training Videos

The videos linked below provide an overview of the digiCOACH classroom walkthrough and coaching platform. Watch all videos in this segment before heading out to classrooms.

Part 1 - Why We Coach


This video introduces digiCOACH and establishes feedback to teachers as a key component of any walkthrough.

Part 2 - Walkthrough Overview and "I Do" Activity


This video introduces the digiCOACH app on phones and tablets and outlines the basic steps for collecting data and crafting feedback emails to teachers.

Part 3 - Edition Introduction


This video introduces the focus areas and look-fors included in the Classroom Instruction edition framework. Note, your implementation might utilize a custom edition that looks different from the edition in this video. Additional editions are available for download on the edition webpage here.

Part 4 - Hands-On and "We Do" Activity


This video includes a hands-on activity with the digiCOACH app. Prior to watching this video, download the digiCOACH app to your phone or tablet, create your account password, and log in to prepare for the activities in this video.

Links to download the digiCOACH App

Report Training Videos

The videos linked below provide an overview of the digiCOACH online report portal.

Part 1 - Summary Reports


This video provides an overview of the summary reports available in the report platform. Examples of how you can filter your data down to specific grade levels, subjects, teachers, time periods, and observers are included.

Part 2 - Comparison Reports


This video provides an overview of the comparison reports which help identify organization and site-wide trends. Examples of how you can compare your data by specific grade levels, subjects, and campuses are featured.

Part 3 - My Walks Report

This video provides an overview of the My Walks report which includes a running record of every walkthrough you have completed. Use this report to view the data collected during individual walkthroughs, the email sent to your teacher, and your privates notes.

Contact Support

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