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What does data-driven decision making involve?

Effective Leaders Utilize Data

Our world is more data rich than ever before! A strong leader must pinpoint the data that supports a manageable focus for both the school and its staff, as a strong leader understands where the staff is currently operating and its needs for professional development. This mix of intuition, experience, and data-analysis will guide the future growth of the organization. Data-driven leaders have strong analytical skills and engage in frequent conversations and written communications about what the data shows and how it can be used to support student achievement.

How can digiCOACH help?

Having the right information at the right time is the beginning of making the right decision. When the feedback loop from the administrator to the teacher is timely and tight, the chances of improvement increase dramatically. Using digiCOACH during walkthroughs and giving almost immediate feedback allows for quick course corrections and data collection. Having real-time data helps leaders quickly provide support when and where it is needed.

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The Process

With digiCOACH, District Directors, Coordinators, Principals, and Coaches are able to:

Collect Data

digiCOACH guides you through five Focus Areas allowing for data collection on the use of strategies that reinforce desired behaviors.

Analyze Data

digiCOACH features a powerful suite of cloud reports which make data review and disaggregation available immediately.

Utilize Data

Data-driven leaders have the information they need to support strategic change and inform professional development needs.

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Skillful Leaders Practice the Art of Listening

"The person closest to the work, the practitioner or teacher, is the most informed person to give a root cause analysis for the data."

- Dr. LaFaye Platter, Retired Deputy Superintendent


What Data-driven Leaders Want To Know?

  • What problem am I trying to solve or what improvement am I seeking?
  • What do I know already?
  • What else do I need to know to solve the problem or realize the improvement?
  • How can I get the data I need to solve the problem or realize the improvement?

It is important to know your staff’s skill levels to help you choose the correct data to move towards your goals.

What data do I need?

  • Decision-makers need the right data to increase the chances for continuous improvement.
  • Leaders need short-term data as well as data that provides trends over time so they can make decisions.
  • Leaders need an easy-to-use tool for collecting data.
  • Leaders need to be able to use data for the big-picture, but they also need to be able to delve into the details when necessary.

digiCOACH gives school leaders the ability to review the big picture and yet, drill down to the smallest pieces of related data. This helps leaders set campus wide foci as well as department, grade level, and even teacher-specific development needs.

Culture Trumps Everything

Creating a culture where data-driven decision making is the norm requires:

  • The right data
  • Modeling by leaders
  • Persistence and consistent applications
  • Patience

Data-driven decision making begins at the top and must be infused into all meetings and communication.

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