Streamlined Classroom Walkthroughs and Personalized Coaching

digiCOACH is an easy-to-use mobile platform for school leaders to provide teachers with positive, actionable feedback that will increase their confidence and competence. Reports provide real-time data that show if research-based strategies are being implemented frequently and with fidelity. This data provides the information leaders need to make informed decisions leading to positive student outcomes.

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Conduct walkthroughs to look for high-yield instructional practices.

Coaching Feedback

Coach your teachers with your own feedback and prewritten, research-based strategies and coaching tips.

Powerful Reports

Review and disaggregate your data in thousands of ways.

Data Analysis

Utilize your coaching data to inform strategic change and decision making. Our team can help!

Everyone Needs a Coach

With digiCOACH in hand, every instructional leader has the power to coach teachers. Since 2011, school leaders have been using digiCOACH to support their own initiatives through digiCOACH’s unique, fully customizable coaching platform in multiple settings:

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Establish a focus and spend 5 to 10 minutes using digiCOACH to note effective methods seen in real-time. Quickly start the coaching conversation, provide prompt, actionable feedback drawing from a library of research-based strategies, and use speech-to-text for personal comments to recover valuable time.

Access cloud-based digiCOACH reports to utilize user-friendly, customizable reports with your data to identify growth and professional development needs and track trends across your organization. Easily capture reports to share with all stake holders and for funding opportunities.

Leverage your digiCOACH walkthrough and coaching data to bolster educator collaboration during meetings, PLCs and other sessions. Encourage all educators to participate in observations using digiCOACH for enhanced results.

Enhance Your Process

We understand that educators have busy schedules and limited time. That's why digiCOACH is designed to seamlessly complement your current workflow instead of adding to your workload. Our team will work with you to customize digiCOACH to match your specific needs and goals, ensuring it supports your existing processes and priorities effectively.

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