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Common Funding Sources

Title I

Ten percent of Title I Funding must be allocated to professional development for which digiCOACH qualifies. Administrators provide on-going, formative coaching to their teachers when using digiCOACH in their classrooms.

English Learners

Included with the digiCOACH immediate feedback system are English Language Learner strategies which are available for administrators to use when delivering on-going, formative coaching to their teachers. These EL statements support English Learner Funding in the following ways.

Professional Development

When administrators and coaches use digiCOACH, they are providing on-going professional development in the form of formative coaching to their teachers. digiCOACH also supports the ability to monitor the effectiveness of professional development by tracking relevant teaching strategies informed by the professional development.


The California SB-77 Education finance bill allocated $500 million for professional development. As schools and districts create and implement a systematic plan for success, a tool is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of that plan. digiCOACH is aligned with the goals of SB-77, specifically, digiCOACH promotes educator quality and effectiveness through training on mentoring and coaching certificated staff and training certificated staff to support effective teaching and learning.


Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a critical part of the new Local Control Funding Formula in California. Each districts plans must describe the school district’s overall vision for students, annual goals and specific actions the district will take to achieve the vision and goals. The LCAPs must focus on eight areas identified as state priorities. digiCOACH may be used to monitor the successfulness of the LCAP goals. Additionally, digiCOACH qualifies for 5 of the 8 LCAP priorities.

Additional Funding Sources

The funding sources here are only a small porting of the different funding sources available for digiCOACH. Contact us today if you need help finding funding for digiCOACH for your site or district.

digiCOACH Description and Purchasing Rational

Collective teacher efficacy has been identified by John Hattie as one of the highest factors influencing student achievement. digiCOACH improves student academic outcomes and social/emotional wellness by providing efficacy-building mastery experiences to instructors that support individual and collective teacher efficacy.

Research shows that frequent informal observations have a positive and powerful impact on student growth and social/emotional wellness. digiCOACH guides administrators, coaches, and teachers through the observation process and focuses on high-yield strategies that are research-based, observable, objective, and coachable. With digiCOACH, instructional leaders provide feedback based on what students and the instructor are doing during lessons. digiCOACH includes hundreds of prewritten, research based, commendations and coaching tips available for use in the built-in feedback email feature which include practices that are designed to benefit student growth. These embedded researched-based instructional strategies inform teachers and offer suggestions for ways in which their instruction can be improved.

All of the collected data is then made available in digiCOACH's powerful suite of reports to identify trends across the school sites. digiCOACH reports help inform professional development decisions at the site level, and can be individualized down to the teacher level, ensuring all teachers receive the support they need to provide quality instruction to benefit the growth of all students. Site level observational and coaching data provides live data for discussion in professional learning communities and for growing collective teacher efficacy.

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