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Why Coach Teachers?

Growing Collective Teacher Efficacy

Collective Teacher Efficacy has been identified by John Hattie (2016) as one of the highest factors influencing student achievement. digiCOACH improves student academic and social/emotional wellness by providing efficacy-building mastery experiences to instructors that support individual and collective teacher efficacy.

Develop individual teacher efficacy with digiCOACH by observing a lesson and highlighting effective teaching behaviors while providing constructive and specific suggestions to improve instruction. digiCOACH includes pre-written, research based commendations and coaching tips to enhance the walkthrough process.

Easily customizable and highly flexible allows digiCOACH to support many different school and district-wide initiatives.

  • Informal Classroom Observations
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Peer Observations
  • New Teacher Induction
  • School Climate and Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Safety Inspections
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Walks based on the latest educational research ensure you are coaching and looking for high-yield instructional strategies. Learn More

College and Career

Monitor school academies as they transition students from education into and through the workforce. Learn More

Behavior and Safety

Support student behavior intervention programs and ensure campus are safe and secure. Learn More

Implementation Results



Oxnard High School's graduation rate has increased by 13% to 96% since implementation.



Oxnard High School saw an 85% decrease in suspension rates after implementing digiCOACH.



Oxnard UHSD district-wide attendance spiked 0.9% in one year, which brought in nearly $1,000,000 in funding.



Student A-G rates have increased 8%, helping ensure students are ready for college at graduation.

How digiCOACH Works

Start in the Classroom

Install the free digiCOACH app on your phone or tablet and head out to observe instruction. Spend five to ten minutes in a classroom with digiCOACH to track high-yield strategies used by the teacher and students. Next, reinforce the use of effective strategies or share a coaching tip on how the lesson might have been improved from the library of researched based feedback statements.

Review in Your Office

Head to your office to dive into the cloud based digiCOACH web reports. Eight easy to use pre-built reports inform professional development needs and identify trends across site or district-wide. Ensure new professional development strategies are being implemented effectively.

Finish First

John Hattie's research identified the positive effect administrators and coaches have on student achievement by getting into classrooms and maximizing feedback to teachers. Get teachers into their colleagues classrooms too, conducting peer observations with digiCOACH for an even greater effect. Use digiCOACH observation and coaching data to increase Collective Teacher Efficacy.
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Screen Shots

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